Weekend Happenings

It wasn’t a super exciting weekend around here, but it was definitely a good one!

Let’s start with Thursday.  Greg’s birthday is coming up and the only thing he really wanted for his birthday was another tool so he could finish his latest project.  Since I wouldn’t feel comfortable picking out a tool without his input, I let him go ahead and order the one he wanted himself.  He also needed to go ahead and get it so he could keep working.  Though letting him pick out his gift takes all the excitement out of it (for me at least –he was still thrilled), I still managed to wrap it up when it came in!  Well, sorta.  Turns out we were almost out of birthday wrapping paper, so instead of using the pink, glittery one, I finished off the low roll and only made it looked wrapped…from one angle.  It was just enough for him to tear off though!  And it didn’t take him long to get to work using it.  I’ve got a totally separate post coming soon about his finished product!


On Friday, it ended up snowing/sleeting/icing in the afternoon, which resulted in my school letting out 4 hours early!  We were originally scheduled to get out 3 hours early, but the winter weather started earlier than expected.  I was home by 12:45!  Yay for an early start to the weekend!


Because of the ice, my part-time job at the animal hospital stayed closed for business on Saturday.  That happened to be my one and only Saturday to work this month, so I guess I kind of lucked out!  Tucker was supposed to go with me for his yearly visit (so I guess it was his lucky day too!) but now I’m going to have to take him another time.  I don’t work for about another month, and since he’s already a month late on his vaccines, I shouldn’t wait too much longer.  I’ve been a bad momma, but at least he’s totally indoors.  :-/

Since I had lots of free time on Saturday, I decided it would be a good day to watch one of ladyandthetrampthe movies I got for Christmas.  My pick?  Disney’s Lady and the Tramp!  And it was so good.  It had been forever since I’d seen it, but I still think it is one of my all-time Disney favorites.  I even caught Greg watching it a little bit too!  It’s funny how as an adult, so many of the old Disney movies make me want to cry, though I never remember crying through them as a child.  The pound scene just broke my heart, especially since our own little shelter rescue was sleeping with his head in my lap.  But anyway, I’m so glad I watched it; it just made me happy.  Smile

For dinner on Saturday, I decided to try a new Pinterest recipe (originally from here) that claimed to be delicious and simple.  Turns out, it was both!  It is almost as simple as spaghetti, though since you bake it as well it takes a little longer.  The recipe called for penne, but since we use that so often I decided to go with bow-tie pasta instead.  The flavor was good and cheese always makes something delicious in my mind.  And the husband even gave it a thumbs up!  To go with it, I made the Red-Lobster biscuits from this Pinterest recipe.  And then since I was craving something sweet, I made cookies for dessert!  I made the cookies a good bit bigger than the instructions called for, and I also used a mixture of milk chocolate chips, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and M&M’s, and boy are they good!  It was a busy night in the kitchen, but so worth it.


Saturday night, I joined Greg in Garner for his first hockey game of the season.  He’s missed a few thanks to the injured ankle from New Year’s, but since it has been feeling much better, it was time he got back to it.  He says he pretty sore now because of it, but I think he was happy to be back out there.  While watching, I managed to get a good bit of grading done too!  I had to make up for the earlier lost hours due to Disney watching.  Winking smile

the-fox-and-the-hound-blu-ray-coverI guess I was on a bit of a Disney kick because on Sunday I decided to watch the other Disney movie I got for Christmas; The Fox and the Hound.  Again, I enjoyed it and was surprised to notice just how much I’d forgotten about it.  I also enjoyed browsing through IMDB to see who all played the voices of the various characters.  That website can be so addicting.

Other than getting my hair trimmed and helping out at Helping Horse Therapy that evening, my Sunday was pretty uneventful.  I was surprised, however, to find out that there was a chance for freezing rain overnight, and was thrilled when Wake County finally announced a 3-hour delay for this morning!  Turns out, it didn’t do much of anything, but we all got a little extra rest (except Greg, because State doesn’t cancel/delay for anything).

How was your weekend?  Tried any new recipes lately?  Cried over any old Disney movies?  Or is that just me?  Smile

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