A 3-day Weekend With No Plans?

Sure enough, I woke up on Saturday morning and realized that I had no idea what I was going to do with my 3-day weekend!  This doesn’t happen often, but since I was so busy getting my chore list finished last weekend, I didn’t have much left to do this weekend.  And as for social plans, we had none.  It was okay though, because I really enjoyed doing a whole lot of nothing.  Smile

I worked out on Saturday, using my Prevention Fitness 3-2-1 workout video, and it just about killed me.  I’ve used this video for years now and really like it, but it can be tough when your body isn’t used to doing much of anything.  It felt great afterward though, even if I have been super sore all weekend because of it.

When Greg and I realized we didn’t have any dinner plans for Saturday night, we decidedThe Words on an impromptu date night!  We got several gift cards to various restaurants for Christmas, so we decided to use one of them.  We ended up going to Bahama Breeze and then swung by Redbox to pick up a movie and quick-bake cookies.  I also tried my new chocolate 0119131930wine, How Now Brown Cow.  I’m not much of a wine person but I did like this one!  Probably because it tasted more like chocolate milk (even had a creamy consistency) than wine, but that doesn’t matter because I can now say I have a wine that I like.  Our date night turned out to be the perfect ending to our Saturday, and the movie was pretty good too!  I love date nights with my hubby.  ❤


Yesterday was almost a completely wasted day.  Greg and I went to Walmart first thing in the morning (if you want to avoid crowds, Sunday morning is the best time to go) to knock out our grocery shopping for the month (or at least it better be for the money we spent).  After shopping and lunch, I napped on the couch almost until time for Helping Horse, which started back up this weekend.  I did squeeze a walk in with Scout before leaving and in doing so realized just how nice it was outside and that I’d just spend all afternoon inside.  It was okay though, because I’m pretty sure my face got a little sun while at the barn.  It was nice to be back at Helping Horse after our winter break; there were new volunteers to meet and my riders were as chatty as ever.  Even my horse seemed happy to be working again.  Once I was back home, I still wasn’t very productive.  After dinner and a shower, I found myself in bed by 9:30 (sad, right?), but did manage to read another chapter in my book!  I truly believe a day of nothing can be good for the soul.  Smile

Today was slightly more productive as I managed to get all of my grades and comments ready for report cards and did a little bit of planning out my next week and a half.  Tomorrow is a teacher work day, so I didn’t feel too rushed to get much else done.  Other than getting laundry finished, my biggest feat today was fixing one of our favorite pasta dishes.  We don’t fix it often because it takes so much time and creates so many dirty dishes, but it is oh-so good!

So yea, I feel like this weekend could have been a lot more exciting, but I’m okay with the fact that it wasn’t.  Next weekend doesn’t look to be exciting either, but the first weekend in February?  Greg’s birthday and the Superbowl!!

Oh, and we got our first snow of winter this past week!  It wasn’t much, but just enough for a 2-hour delay.  Scout got to play in it a little too.  Now I’m just hoping we get another one that is actually worth something!


Did any of you get a better snow-day than we did?  Or have a more exciting 3-day weekend?  Have a great weekend everyone, and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

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