Blurbs -with pictures!

This post is going to be completely random but it is the quickest way to catch you up on the craziness of my life at the moment!


A couple of weeks ago we got our first snow of the winter season!  It will also probably be our last, though March just started, so you never know!  It happened on a Sunday and the following Monday was a workday.  It was all melted by about 9am that morning, but at least that night it was enough that Greg and Scout got to play in it a little bit!  002 004005

The weather has since been going from 50’s to 70’s every few days.  It’s been so warm recently that my Gerber Daisy decided to bloom!  Silly North Carolina weather.



I got a new phone this past week!  Since I gave my last upgrade to Greg so he could get his (not so) Smart phone, it’s been forever since I updated my own.  Check out this sweet thing!

269286-lg-revere-verizon-wirelessYea, I know you’re jealous!  While Greg loves his updated technology, I’m not big on Smart phones.  I have no desire to get one so there is no need to spend the extra money on one right now.  I’m also so used to (and fast/good at) texting on this type of keypad, I didn’t feel like getting used to the keyboard.  So YAY for free phones!  I just still haven’t taken the time to fully personalize this one so when I go to do certain things on it out of habit, I get all screwed up because it isn’t set up the same way.  I’ll get to it eventually.


We also recently reunited with our friends Jon and Jenn since it had been since before Christmas since we’d seen them.  We met them for dinner over a week ago to catch up and then went out for Jon’s birthday last night!  We met them and a few of their friends/family for dinner and drinks at World of Beer near North Hills, then went back to their place for games and hanging out.  It was fun and nice to catch up with them again.  Jenn and I met at East Garner last year but she transferred to a different school for this school year.  We only live about 10 minutes apart so there really is no reason we shouldn’t see each other more often!

012013-edited    014


You probably couldn’t tell in the pictures above, but I got my hair cut too!  I’d been growing it out, partly on purpose, partly because I just hadn’t gotten back to my hair dresser.  But I finally made it back over there and I love what she did.  I’ve been seeing Meghan over at the Spa by Mitchell’s for about 2 years now (we figured that out while I was there)!  My hair is still longish and I’ve still got the bangs, but it’s a little more layered in the back and framed in the front.  I like it.  :-)



Greg and I tried a new recipe tonight!  We I wanted something new so I let Greg scroll through my Pinterest page until he found something he thought looked tasty.  We decided on a shrimp scampi pasta dish and made these Red Lobster knock-off biscuits to go with it.  It turned out really well!  The biscuits are soooo good and super easy to make!  The pasta was pretty good too, though we halved the amount of shrimp when we bought it, then I forgot to halve the rest of the recipe as I put it together.  Oh well; it still turned out pretty yummy.  And of course, we even have left-overs.

019 021 022 024


How’s Lent going for you?  It’s tough for me!  I can’t tell you how hard it is to have to consciously think about what I’m eating all the time!  I’m so used to just grabbing a piece of candy here or there, or eating a cookie after dinner.  And now I can’t!  And Pinterest is a dangerous place.  This is what my Sweet Treats page currently looks like as I’m stocking up on ideas of things to make once Easter gets here…

image My sister texted me the other day with “WHY must you pin such yummy sweet things?!”  Haha!  It’s what gets me through!  I can look, I just can’t eat!  I tell ya what though, Easter can’t get here fast enough!


I’m trying to convince Greg to do some guests posts on here this week.  There are some funny posts I’ve been wanting to do about our pets, I just haven’t had time.  He is on Spring Break all week so he’ll have all this free time on his hands!  Haha!  Actually, check out this “to-do” list we’ve got going on our fridge (you know how I am about lists).  025 And no, I did not assign all of those things!  He has a lot of things he wants to get done himself; you know, little house projects, nothing expensive.  My Mom is coming to stay with us this week too though, so I had to throw in some cleaning chores.  ;-)  And some of those things are for me do to as well.  But we’ll see if he makes an appearance on here.  No promises!


That’s all for now folks!  It’s bedtime and since I actually worked out yesterday, my aching body is begging to go to sleep.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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