Be My Belated Valentine

Since I rarely get home earlier than 6 these days, Greg and I decided we’d save our Valentine celebration for this weekend.  To celebrate, we kinda had a lazy day on Saturday, just hanging out and enjoying some of the beautiful weather before it turned into winter today.  Greg got the rest of his birthday present last weekend while we were in Winston and he’s been enjoying it whenever he gets a chance ever since.  After 3 trips to the middle school down the road from us, Scout, Greg, and the helicopter needed a good night’s rest last night.

For dinner last night, Greg grilled out some Teriyaki pork while I worked on some yummy sides.  I made roasted broccoli and cauliflower (which has become one of my favorite side dishes and one of the only ways I’ll eat broccoli) and roasted Parmesan potatoes (found here on Pinterest).  I also made some of my Mom’s delicious garlic and Parmesan bread to go with it.  Dinner was amazing!

001  And to top off an amazing dinner, I made these delicious little cheesecakes for dessert!  My sister found the recipe on (where else?) Pinterest and had some made while we were home last weekend.  Well, they were delicious and Greg loves Cheesecake so it was the perfect choice for a Valentine treat.  003-edited

After dinner we watched Horrible Bosses thanks to a free rental at Red Box.  It was alright, but definitely not one of my favorite movies.  It has its funny moments but if I find myself falling asleep during a brand new movie, that tells me it must not be that great.  At least it was free!215px-Horrible_Bosses

What did you guys do for Valentine’s Day this year?  We didn’t do anything big this year, and never really have.  It’s just nice to get to spend some nice, quality time together, so that’s just what we did!  ❤

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