A Big Tank Update and Much More!

This one is going to be long!  It will actually mostly be pictures, so at least that should make it interesting!  I’ve been so busy with school lately, I just haven’t had much time for updating this thing.  I’m trying to stay ahead of the game with grading papers and all that other teacher stuff we have to do, so this blog may suffer a little until I’m all caught up.  Sorry about that.

But as for our tank update, Greg has done a little more work and it definitely deserved some recognition.  First new thing, doors for our stand!!!  When we were visiting my parents a couple weekends ago, Greg worked with my Dad to finish up the doors for the tank, and they look great!  I really like his choice of handles too. With the new doors in place, the tank isn’t near as loud and I like not being able to see all the pumps and stuff inside of it.  His next addition was a piece of coral he found on a forum and picked up from a guy in Raleigh.  It is helping the tank to cycle and get settled and it also came with a few neat little attachments.  Check out the flow-y creatures as well as the bright one!Once he got the coral home, he realized it also had a small hitchhiker, though we have absolutely no idea as to what it is.  It is kind of creepy/weird looking and I’ve only seen it once.  After the coral addition he decided it was time to add a little more life to the tank.  We can now say our tank is home to not only the creepy creature, but also a few snails and a hermit crab!



snail with live barnacle

It is super exciting that this tank is finally coming along and has life!  Won’t be long and we’ll add a shrimp, and then maybe some fish!

Now with all the salt water tank updates lately, I feel like Greg’s other tanks are getting any time in the spot light, so I’ve decided to include a couple pics of our 55 gallon and 20 gallon fresh water tanks.  I love watching the fish in these tanks, though taking pictures of them can be difficult.  Every time I get close, they think I’m going to feed them so they start swimming all over the place.  Also, the red light that comes on when taking a picture tends to scare them away.

55 gallon

an Otto feeding on a cucumber

Greg’s fav fish, the Blue Ram

close up of Ralph, the Blue Ram

20 gallon


Aladdin, Jasmine, and Abu

Now that all the fish news is out of the way, I’m going to recap last weekend!  On Friday, I made cookies from a recipe I found on Pinterest (go figure!).  Now if you check out that first link and then compare those pics to mine, you’ll notice mine look quite different.  When I pulled them out of the oven, my first thought was, ‘Did I forget something?”  Turns out, I didn’t and they actually tasted pretty good!  They had a rather cake-y texture, but I enjoyed them and took them to the football game on Saturday.  After baking cookies, I decided I wanted to try another project I found on Pinterest (this website is dangerous).  I tried water marbled nails and tried to use Red, Black, and White to support NCSU at the football game Saturday.  Maybe it was the cheaper polish, maybe my lack of practice, but I failed.  Oh well, at least I tried! On Saturday, I experienced a SUPER busy morning at my animal hospital job then met Greg and some family at Hope Cafe to check out my sister’s artwork!  Her and my cousin have art displayed at this cute little Christian Cafe off of Tryon Rd.  Go check it out if you have a chance!  I’ll put more art pics on Facebook eventually, so check there for more! On Saturday afternoon, Greg and I met Jon and Jen and tailgated before the State game!  It was cold and rainy, but we had a good time.  Plus, State won!  Go Wolfpack! And our one fiasco of the weekend, Tucker finally finished off my bamboo plant!  He’d left it alone for months now, but for some reason decided last week that it was a treat.  We found this when we got home Saturday night…

Where the plant was located

At least he doesn’t mess with my other two plants.  I got all 3 of the plants when my Papaw died and they are some of the first plants I’ve ever been able to keep alive in the house.  That cat better not touch the others! I think that about sums it all up for this post!  Sorry for the length and I apologize for any typos (I’m trying to hurry through this so I can pack for the weekend and get into bed!).  Goodnight everyone!

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