Road Trip to Washington, D.C.!!!

So here is the post I promised; my first trip to D.C.!

On Thursday, September 1st, Greg, myself, and our friends Brad and Mark, all piled into my little Honda Accord and headed to Washington, D.C.!  Our friends Eric and Dianna recently moved up there so Eric could attend George Mason University for grad school.  Since they moved into a nice little town house in Fairfax, we felt it necessary to invade them within their first few weeks of moving in.  We left Raleigh around 7pm Thursday evening, grabbed dinner at Firehouse Subs, then hit the road.  Our goal was to be there before midnight, but Richmond had other plans and successfully slowed us down with it’s horrible traffic.  At about 1 am, we finally pulled up to their house, unloaded all our junk, blew up the air mattresses, and relaxed.  I of course had a small essay to write before going to bed (thank you, student, for choosing me to tell your teacher about you), so everyone stayed up with me and caught up on things before finally hitting the sack.  I was exhausted, but excited about the fun weekend ahead!

Everyone kind of slept in a little on Friday (and by a little I mean 9:30-10) thanks to our late night Thursday.  Once up, the boys men played some Call of Duty while Dianna worked on our itinerary for the weekend.  We even got Nick in Missouri on Skype so we could see and talk to him while he played COD online with the guys.  (We have already planned our next big trip: Kansas City to see Nick!)

After a little COD, Eric had to go to his one class for the day so Dianna took the rest of us to the local grocery store to return the rug doctor (see itinerary) and pick up some food/drinks.  We then took a little driving tour of George Mason University before heading back to their house to wait on Eric to get out of class.  Once his class ended, we met up with him on campus so we could check out his office and workspace.  He even showed us how some of his equipment works, using Brad as the guinea pig. 

Friday evening, we made our way into the city to go see a Washington Nationals Baseball game, my first pro ball game ever!  It was a lot of fun, and while I’ve never had much interest in baseball, I enjoyed being at that game.  Maybe it was the friends, maybe the delicious hot dog, or maybe it was the drunk guy in front of us that kept spilling his drink on himself; no matter which, I did have a good time.  They even had a nice fireworks display after the game, which made for a perfect end to the night.  :-)  Saturday was monument day!  While we first thought our plans would be ruined by the rain, it subsided shortly before lunch so we piled into 1 car and headed for the Mall (which Mark and I both learned was not an actual shopping mall).  4 people crammed into the backseat of a Pathfinder made for slightly warm car trips; good thing we love each other!Once we found a parking spot, we took the whirlwind tour of D.C.  We hiked up one side of the Mall and down the other, stopping at all the major sites and seeing a few museums on the way.  We ventured off the path a few times to go see places like the White House and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial, and even found a little Subway to eat lunch at.  Of course, I took plenty of pictures; here are just a few.

Smithsonian Castle

Air and Space Museum

The Capitol

Botanical Gardens

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial

The White House/Obama’s front yard

WWII Memorial

Washington Monument

Lincoln Memorial

Lincoln himself

Vietnam Memorial

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed my first visit to D.C.!  We got to see almost everything we wanted to see.  There are a few things that we decided to leave for our next visit, like actually going into The Archives (the line was waayyy too long), the Holocaust Museum, Jefferson Memorial, and the National Zoo.  The Washington Monument was also closed due to recent earthquake damage and apparently, they also recently decided to tear up the Reflecting Pool.  This was our lovely view…

Oh well.  Those things just give us a good reason to go back (besides Eric and Dianna of course)! On our way back from the Lincoln Memorial we managed to snag someone to take a picture of our whole group.  Sight seeing with friends is so much fun!

Eric, Dianna, Me, Greg, Mark, Brad

Saturday night we relaxed at the house and Dianna and I made these cookies from a recipe I found on Pinterest.  After a mile walk down a sketchy dark road to get some of the ingredients and a few mishaps in following the directions, we finally ended up with these!  They were delicious! On Sunday, Eric and Dianna took us to the cute little town of Georgetown.  We did a little walking around, a little window shopping, and a little sight seeing.  It was a nice day and a neat place to visit.  Georgetown is super cute and also home to the bakery from D.C. Cupcakes on TLC.  We really wanted to get some of their famous cupcakes but the line was out the door and wrapped around the building every time we walked by.  We decided the super long wait wasn’t worth it, but again, maybe next time. 

After we left Georgetown we had to stop at a brewery that Mark had been dying to see.  It is called Dogfish Head and Mark really likes their beer.  Their Pumpkin Ale is the one he wanted to try so that’s what most people got (cept me, I still don’t like beer).  I think overall they weren’t as thrilled with the beer as they’d hoped, but it was a neat place to visit.  This was our little pit-stop for relaxing before heading home and getting ready for the party Sunday night.  Yep, we had a party (slash cookout).  Eric had planned a party to meet/get to know some of his fellow grad students from GMU and quite a crowd showed up!  It was a lot of fun meeting all the new people and I think it really helped Eric and Dianna get settled with some new people they can hang out with.  My camera managed to get passed around and lots of photos were taken that night, but here are a few of the good ones.

GMU Grad Students

Dianna and I with a new friend, Sara

Me and the hubby/grillmaster

After a fun but late night, we hit up the local IHOP for brunch on Monday before heading back home.  Luckily our trip back to Raleigh only took 4 hours as opposed to the super long trip up there.  It was good to be home and sleep in our own bed again, but that trip sure was a lot of fun.  I look forward to when we get to go visit them again and I’m really excited about the future trips we are planning with our friends.  Looks like we’ve got the fair and camping coming up in October, then Kansas City over New Year’s!  I love traveling.  :-)

Btw, there are a lot more photos on my Facebook, so go check em out!  And I don’t know why, but when looking at the above pics in my post, they seem blurry, but if you click on them to make them bigger, they look much better.  :-)

3 thoughts on “Road Trip to Washington, D.C.!!!

  1. Glad you had such a wonderful trip to D.C.! This is a great area to live in, but very expensive, and the traffic is terrible. I have not been to any of the museums in years – and they are right on my doorstep! Your pictures made me want to go back and check them all out.

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